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At The Plumber’s Friend in Kansas City, we’ve been in the plumbing parts business for 30 years. We often hear our residential kitchen and bath plumbing clients say “Wow, those guys have everything!” Sure, with over 6,500 plumbing parts – many that are hard to find at a big box store – we have almost everything. But if we don’t have it in the store, we can order it up for you and get it in your hands ASAP.

If you’re a DIY homeowner (or a residential plumber) and you need parts to solve a plumbing repair problem in your kitchen or bathroom, then The Plumber’s Friend in Kansas City is a resource that’ll get your water flowing in no time! We have faucet repair parts, toilet repair parts, as well as everything else you may need to fix a plumbing problem in your residential kitchen or bath.

The Plumber’s Friend has thousands of common and hard-to-find plumbing parts in-stock. We have pipes, plugs, valves, stops, drains, and fittings of all sorts. And our knowledgeable “Answer Guys” are always available to help customers identify and replace odd plumbing repair parts. We stock a lot of parts that you won’t find at the big box stores, so try us first.

We have recommendations for almost any plumbing repair job. Just show us the part you need to replace and we’ll get you fixed up. Got a smartphone? Take a picture of your plumbing part, send it to us, and we’ll tell you what replacement part you need. Call (816) 361-6100 to get started!

Looking for American Standard, Kohler, Delta, or Pfister? We have the parts. We also keep stock in Moen, Union Brass, Sayco, Chicago, Crane, Elkay, Fisher, Bradley, T&S, Mix-It, Sloan, Sterling, Indian Brass, Harden, Zurn, and Fluidmaster.

“If we can’t order the plumbing part from a supplier, or we don’t have it in stock, it probably doesn’t exist.”
~ Owner Patrick McShane.

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