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How The Plumber’s Friend Can Help:

At The Plumber’s Friend in Kansas City, we have a saying: “If the customer has a problem, we have a solution.” Now, that may seem like a pretty bold statement, but with over 6,500 common and hard-to-find plumbing repair parts at our Kansas City, Missouri store, we firmly believe that we can solve most plumbing parts problems for residential, DIY, and commercial plumbers.

Since 1983, The Plumber’s Friend has been providing a comprehensive selection of plumbing parts, as well as expert advice and friendly customer service. Each member of our knowledgeable team of “Answer Guys” is happy to spend time explaining the most intricate plumbing procedures.

Looking for the correct plumbing part or fitting the first time around? You’ve come to the right place. Our approach at The Plumber’s Friend is to provide our commercial, DIY, and residential plumber clients with the kinds of parts, advice, and service they can’t find at a big box store. We know that plumbing problems can be a hassle for many and a real frustration for some. Therefore, we go the extra mile for our customers – helping them find the right plumbing parts or fittings for their job, giving them the benefit of our many years of experience through expert advice, and getting them on their way.

Got a plumbing part you can’t identify? Send us a picture from your smartphone, and we’ll tell you what part you have and how to replace it with ease.

Keep in mind: Although we’re staffed by a great bunch of folks who have spent the better part of their professional careers in plumbing, we’re straightforward enough to let DIY homeowners know when they’d be better off calling in a certified plumber to get their water flowing again.

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